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Whether you are addressing hair loss or just want to achieve thicker, fuller hair or length we as an best hair extensions salon have the perfect match for you! For adding color, we also provide balayage with colormelt, ombre, rooted extensions, blondes, platinums, and more! We carry the Verity hair line in stock in our store front and also offer a variety of other options to ensure the best match for your desired out come and lifestyle.


A consultation is required for all hair extensions service. Sew in beaded weft extensions are our most requested service, but we do offer other types including: natural beaded row, I tip, keratin tip, & hair extensions with tape.

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"Your hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self-love." -Ademola Mandella


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HALOCOUTURE® revolutionized the world of Extensions with The Original HALO®. Designed with comfort in mind, the easy application of the HALO® will transform your hair in a matter of seconds. This innovative idea is non-damaging and virtually undetectable.

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