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Receive the past 90 days worth of data contained in a single hair strand. Key indicators such as vitamin deficiencies, gut imbalances, work influences, system stressors, and food intolerances, are all identified to see what is an underlying factor for your system

What’s Included?

Hairs growth

Uncover nutritional deficiencies or environmental exposures that may be inhibiting the beauty, growth and vitality of your Hair, Skin and NailsSee how in 3-4 strands of your hair, data from the past 90 days can help reflect internal triggers. Receive a detailed report of your body’s own internal indicators, along with a customized protocol. The result? Not just revitalized wellbeing, but restored confidence.


Invasive organisms affect hair growth. Our hair follicle testing helps us figure out which invasive organisms are contributing to lowered immune functions and many times hair loss. By following our hair follicle drug testing plan and detoxing the body of invasive organisms, your body is able to absorb nutrients to repair damaged hair and grow more vibrant hair. Healthy hair is a sign of a healthy body.

Did you know

Food intolerances can disrupt hair growth

If you take just one bite or sip of something you are intolerant to it can take up to 36 hours for your body to break it down. This causes the immune system to decline and lead to increased inflammation within the body, as well as agitate autoimmune disorders (i.e.: Vitiligo, Alopecia Areata, Eczema). By addressing the food intolerances and implementing the correct diet, we are able to reverse nutritional deficiencies that may be dulling your hair and restore healthy more vibrant hair.


Toxic metals prevent hair growth.

Toxic metal content in the body is not typically considered as a cause of hair loss, however our Hair Analysis Test has found toxins can play a role. Metals including aluminum, mercury, lead, and arsenic can put the body’s cell function in distress. Once toxic metals are eliminated, the body is able to function properly allowing hair to recover and increase hair growth.

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